Complex services

Computer training

Using computer technology has become an everyday part of work in all organisations. Computer literacy is regarded as essential to making effective use of all the possibilities computers can offer.


The basic form of computer training is participation in courses accompanied by practical drill. To ensure that the training process delivers the optimal result it is necessary to choose the right types and number of courses that employees will take to reach the required standard of knowledge and experience necessary for their work.


Attending courses is both time-consuming and expensive. To minimise the cost of achieving the required outcome, employees' existing skills and experience need to be taken account of; then an optimal sequence of courses has to be defined and, once the courses have been taken, the employees' progress should be checked.

  • However, do organisations have cohesive training programmes designed to develop human resources in this area?
  • Can employees be successfully trained to make truly effective use of programmes and applications?
  • Is it possible to measure their actual knowledge and the effectiveness of funds spent on their training?

The answer to these questions is categorically YES. For this purpose, GOPAS computer school offers its clients advice about drawing up comprehensive, tailor-made training systems that become one of the strategic modules for effective human resources management.