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Certified Ethical Hacker v9

Certified Ethical Hacker v9 is the latest version of the world's most popular and most prestigious EC-Council training. Students have the unique opportunity to become familiar with the strategies, techniques and tools that are used in the current hacking and penetration testing of business environment. The CEHv9 training is the best training for advanced administrators and future penetration testers. Students have the unique opportunity to become familiar with the strategies, techniques and tools that are used in the current hacking and penetration testing of business environment. A long tradition of hacking training in GOPAS guarantees a knowledge and skills far beyond the test requirements and deep dive knowledge of all our instructors. Because we cover the topics at highest quality and technical level all attendants should be aware that this training builds on skills obtained in the previous training GOC3 - Practical Hacking and all attendants are required to pass the GOCC3 training before CEHv9 due to the complexity of topics covered or to have the required knowledge and practical skills.

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Praha5 59 000 CZK included in course price 75
Brno5 59 000 CZK included in course price 75
Bratislava5 2 330,00 EUR included in course price 75

Who is the course for

The Certified Ethical Hacking v 9 class is the best training for advanced administrators and future penetration testers who want to become familiar with the latest hacking techniques and become perfectly prepared for a globally recognized certification exam 312-50 ANSI-Certified Ethical Hacker. This training greatly expands the knowledge you have acquired in the GOC3 Practical hacking which is a requirement for attending the CEHv9 training or all attendants of CEHv9 should be already familiar with all the techniques and procedures such as building your own malware permanent services, scanning networks, all the storage and transportation forms of passwords and their cracking, hacking wireless networks, SSL attacks and services Exploitation with hiding the presence of malware. The course is very well suited for technically oriented network administrators who wish to gain a comprehensive working knowledge of hacking for proper implementation of defensive application solutions in the form of firewalls, encryption, designing the defensive network infrastructure, truly secure wireless networks and monitoring of mobile devices.

What we teach you

The great Certified Ethical Hacker training has come a long evolutionary path, and the latest version is a significantly improved using the most widely used hacking techniques with the simplest . Your expereience from the detailed and practical hacking training in GOC3 class is a great advantage that enables us to focus on the practical aspects of penetration testing techniques. During the CEHv9 training you will aqcuire very detailed knowledge of the pentest phases and most up to date tools and the fact that we do not need to go through the basics of hacking is a unique opportunity to actually go deeply through the important application level attacks during the CEHv9 training. You will get a comprehensive overview of hacking techniques such as advanced enumeration, advanced scanning networks,  systems in enterprise-scale creation of malware and Trojans together with building functional botnet, advanced network attacks and eliminating restrictions VLAN, advanced hash attacks and unauthorized APs. In CEHv9 each new chapter mentions the recommendations in the defense business environment that future penetration testers should be able to properly include into the their reports.

The environment is fully updated for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. Our trainers will however provide enough detailed information for penetration tests in an environment with older OS. Due to the long tradition of hacking training GOPAS our trainers always offer the latest trends and practices in penetration testing methodology.

The training materials include a comprehensive set of hacking tools which are updated using the unique EC-Council Frankenstein system. Students have the opportunity to have their library of hacking tools always updated and do not take risks in their downloads from dangerous sites.

Required skills

Previous attendance of GOC3 Practical hacking course or excellent knowledge of the topics discussed at the GOC3 course

Teaching materials

Official EC-Council CEHv8 materials in the volume of several thousand pages
Voucher for the 312-50-ANSI Certified Ethical Hacker exam (long validity period - does not need to be applied during the training week)

Course outline

Advanced information research from public Internet sources – search engines and search operators, metadata extraction, automation tools
Network Scanning – nmap, amap, unicornscan, hping, idle scan, ARP scan
Enumeration – NetBIOS, DNS, SNMP, LDAP, NTP, metadata
Extended MitM – DHCP starvation, VLAN Hopping, MAC flooding, APR, SPAN, network stack scripting, fake Aps
System attacks – local system attack, dump and hash sniffing attacks, hash injection, Rainbow Tables, CUDA
Trojan and Backdoors – how the malware works, creating botnets, DDOS, hiding and masking techniques, Trojan Constructino Kits
Viruses nad worms – definition of various types and spread methodology
Social engineering – fake websites, personal social engineering, Spear phishing, malware deployment
Session Hijacking – taking over TCP or http session and cyber identity theft
Hacking Web Servers – DoS and DdoS, Bruteforcing, cloning, vulnerability research, http split, defacement
Hacking Web Applications – mapping applications, XSS, CSRF, RFI, LFI, hidden field manipulation
SQL injection, LDAP injection
Hacking Wireless Networks – Advanced techniques of breaking WEP, WPA1/@-PSK, WPS, fake Aps
Hacking of mobile platforms

Official EC-Council Courseware CEH v9 (including exam voucher)

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