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IPMA Level D Preparation

The course follows the course "Practical Project Management" and extends the theoretical knowledge of a project manager so that he is able to successfully complete the IPMA Level D test for project managers.

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3/15/2021 2 18 600 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha prezenční kurzy
3/15/2021 2 720,00 EUR included in course price Český jazyk ONLINE LIVE

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Who is the course for

Input This course is designed for project managers.

What we teach you

Course objectives:

  • Understanding the terminology of project management according to IPMA
  • Expanding the knowledge of the course Practical Project Management
  • Preparation for Certification Exam


  • Sync the terminology with the "National standards for project management"
  • Practical training of project management processes
  • Deepening knowledge of project managers according to the areas of competences

Teaching materials

Lecturer’s materials related to the subject

Course outline


The certification process

  • Documentation
  • Written exam
  • Project Report
  • Principles of IPMA

Technical competences

  • Stakeholders
  • Requirements and objectives
  • Risk management
  • Project team
  • Time and its monitoring
  • Resources and their control
  • Changes

Behavioral competencies

  • Management and leadership
  • Motivation
  • Conflicts and crisis
  • Assertiveness
  • Creativity
  • Focus on project
  • Implementation
  • Support systems


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