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Microsoft Project 2010 – Project Data Analysis

MS Project is an application with various data stored in database. When you try to simply compare values from different columns, you never get the exact condition of your project or portfolio. This training is intended for experienced MS Project users, who want to understand the project database, advance with project data analysis getting the most important decision-relevant information. We will build OLAP cubes based on project data and use MS Excel for creating reusable analysis templates. Finally, you learn what Earned Value Method is, which key indicators are good to track and what the outcomes say about project status – does it still worth finishing your project? The training main objective is to fully understand how to investigate project data and how to display results using MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or MS Visio.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

Training is intended for project managers and stakeholders with MS Project experiences, who want to improve project data analysis.

Required skills

You should pass MS Project 2010 – basic course or Microsoft Project 2010 – In Practice – Workshop.

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

PowerPoint handouts will be provided

Course outline

  • MS Project database
  • Project settings
  • Custom fields
  • Baseline
  • Tracking the project
MS Project exports
  • Copying data into MS Excel
  • Project Export Wizard witch customized mapping
  • Visual Reports
  • Saving data to OLAP cube
  • Saving data to MS Access database
  • Graphical exports
Data management
  • MS Excel
    • Data type correction
    • TABLE tool
    • Conditional formatting
    • PivotTable and PivotChart
    • Analyzing data from OLAP cube
    • Reusable custom report template using OLAP cube data
  • MS PowerPoint
    • Editing Pictures
    • Inserting data from MS Excel
  • MS Visio
    • Displaying data in hierarchy
Earned Value Management
  • Introduction + key indicators
  • EVM tables and charts in MS Project
  • Precise techniques for EVM tracking
  • EVM indicators evaluated in MS Excel
  • Use Case
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