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Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration

This Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration course teaches you the full range of introductory system administration tasks. Learn to monitor basic troubleshooting and install the operating system on a single system. New to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Operating System - If you are an experienced Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration and are looking for Oracle Solaris 11 training, you should consider the Transition to Oracle Solaris 11 course as it builds on your Oracle Solaris 10 experience. Discover how Oracle Solaris 11.1 delivers Oracle Database and Java enhancements, expanded mission-critical cloud management capabilities and advanced platform features. This course provides intensive hands-on experience with key system administration tasks with the goal of making the system administrator job-ready. As you learn about new cloud management features in Oracle Solaris 11, you will be able to provide your organization with accurate insights.

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What we teach you

  • Perform basic installation and software package updates
  • Perform basic services, process, and access control management
  • Perform basic data storage, zones, network and user administration

Required skills

  • Basic UNIX skills

Teaching methods

Expert instruction with practical examples, computer practice

Oracle Training Formats

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Teaching materials

The student materials include comprehensive courseware and other necessary materials for this class. All reading materials are in English.

Course outline

Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Using an Interactive Installer

  • Planning for an Oracle Solaris 11 OS installation
  • Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Using an Interactive Installer
  • Verifying the Operating System Installation

Updating and Managing Software Packages

  • Planning for an Oracle Solaris 11 OS Software Update
  • Updating the Oracle Solaris 11 OS
  • Managing Software Packages
  • Upgrading Oracle Solaris 11 to Oralce Solairs 11.1 OS
  • Administering Boot Environments

Administering Services

  • Planning for Oracle Solaris 11 Services Administration
  • Administering SMF Services
  • Booting and Shutting Down a System

Setting Up and Administering Data Storage

  • Planning for Data Storage Management
  • Administering ZFS Storage Pools
  • Administering ZFS File Systems
  • Administering ZFS Snapshots and Clones

Administering Oracle Solaris Zones

  • Planning for Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Determining an Oracle Solaris Zone Configuration
  • Administering an Oracle Solaris Zone

Administering a Physical Network

  • Planning for Network Management
  • Determining Datalink Availability
  • Configuring a Network Interface
  • Administering a Network Interface
  • Verifying Network Operation

Setting Up and Administering User Accounts

  • Planning for User Administration
  • Setting Up User Accounts
  • Maintaining User Accounts
  • Managing User Initialization Files
  • Using Shell Metacharacters and Configuring User Disk Quotas

Controlling Access to Systems and Files

  • Planning for System and File Access Control
  • Controlling Access to Systems
  • Controlling Access to Files
  • Configuring and Using Solaris Secure Shell

Managing System Processes and Scheduling System Tasks

  • Planning for System Processes Management
  • Managing System Processes
  • Scheduling System Tasks

Performing Basic System Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring System Logs
  • Introducing Core Files
  • Introducing Crash Dump Files
  • Introducing Core Dump Files

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