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Zen To Done

The course Zen To Done, which is one of the methods of time management, provides a comprehensive system of 10 habits necessary to increase personal productivity, along with the manual on how to bring these habits to life. Based on these habits it is then possible to focus on the important without unnecessary distraction or stress.

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Who is the course for

The course is designed to anyone, who wants to live a full and happy life without unnecessary stress.

What we teach you

Course objectives:

  • Understand what it means to be productive
  • Understand the 10 key habits
  • Understand how to implement the individual habits into life


  • Increase of personal productivity
  • Reduce stress in everyday life
  • Balance various areas of life

Teaching materials

Lecturer’s materials related to the subject.

Course outline


  • Personal Productivity
  • ZTD Context
  • GTD
  • 7 Habits

10 ZTD Habits

  • Gather
  • Sort
  • Plan
  • Do
  • Simplify the system
  • Organize
  • Revise
  • Minimize
  • Automate
  • Do what I like

Implementing habits

  • Make a commitment
  • Automate by practicing
  • Motivate oneself
  • Monitor and notify the progress
  • Seek support in the vinicity
  • Reward oneself for every success
  • Focus
  • Adopt a positive attitude

Practical exercises


  • Text1
  • Text2
  • ...

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