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ASP.NET Web Forms and Server Controls

The course is designed for ASP.NET application programmers who want to understand the principles of contemporary server components running and learn to create their own components. In this course we will have a closer look at the way of running these technologies and will show you how could be used effectively. You will learn about endless possibilities of standard elements which are the part of .NET Framework and also the ways how to write your own widgets; both the common ones and easy and more complex which make your life even more easy.

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Who is the course for

The course is designed for developers of web applications using ASP.NET platform

Required skills

Experience with .NET Framework platform
Experience with object orientated programming in C# or VB.NET language
Experience with development of web applications on ASP.NET platform encompassing the course 331

Teaching methods

Instructor-led classroom training with a lot of hands-on labs.

Teaching materials

Hands-on lab hand out, printed materials

Course outline

ASPNET Web Forms

  • Life story of request continues - what is going on inside the page
  • Tree of widgets and its lifcycle
  • Master Page and Content Page
  • Its own base class for the pages
  • Interaction of Web Forms and HTTP module

Server controls

  • Functions, possibilities and restrictions
  • Widgets which are the part of .NET Framework
  • Validators, default buttons, cross-page postbacks
  • ASP.NET Chart Controls and generating the graph
  • Adjustments of the result HTML using control adapters
  • Control over the clients ID server controls
  • Expression Builders
  • Themes and StylesheetThemes

Declarative programming in ASPNET Web Forms

  • General idea (data source, data bound control)
  • Two-way data binding
  • Parameterizarion of the query
  • Query extenders
  • "Opened" vs "closed" data controls
    • GridView, FormView, DetailsView - „old generation“
    • ListView - „new generation“
  • Typical tasks and the Holy Grail: master-detail view declaratively

Endless possibilities of ListView element

  • Basic use such as grid,list, repeater
  • Pagination the data including connection to URL routing
  • Modification the data using ListView


  • Installation the widgets and the extenting modules
  • NuGet Gallery

Compilation of NET applications regarding ASPNET Web Forms

  • What is CLI and MSIL/CIL
  • Compilation on-demand
  • Types of project,Web Site versus Web ApplicationDeployment, MS Deploy and Web Deployment Projects

Creation of your own widgets

  • Simple widgets
  • Creation of data source - your own data source
  • Creation of data consumers - your own data binding containers

State HTTP

  • Cookies and their implementation in ASP.NET
  • Session - how it works and why not to use it
  • ViewState and ControlState, including use in your own components
  • LocalStorage and Session Storage - repository on the client´s site

Globalization and localization of ASPNENT applications

  • The difference between globalization and localization
  • Accessible techniques, do not discover the bike when you do not have to
  • Work with various formats of date, time and numbers
  • Global and local resources
  • Format strings and IFormattable interface
  • Resource files, multilanguage applications and its writing (almost) without any effort
  • Influence of automatic language option by your own module
  • Web Resources and CDN

JavaScript and ASPNET Web Forms

  • Light introduction into jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Widgets of ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy

ASPNET configuration

  • Configuration model .NET Framework and IIS
  • Section AppSettings and ConnectionStrings
  • Creation and use of your own configuration sections
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