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JPROG2 - Java SE – Programming III

The course focuses on Java SE programming in practice using more complicated programs involving event driven programming, JavaBeans, graphical user interface (GUI) Swing or SWT, file input/output, Java database connectivity (JDBC), XML and consuming SOAP Web Services.

 DateDurationCourse priceHandbook priceCourse languageLocation 
6/22/2020 5 36 000 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
10/12/2020 5 36 000 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha
2/3/2020 5 36 000 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Praha_GTT
2/3/2020 5 36 000 CZK included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Brno_GTT
2/3/2020 5 1 250,00 EUR included in course price Český jazyk GOPAS Bratislava_GTT

AffiliateDurationCatalogue priceHandbook priceITB
Praha5 36 000 CZK included in course price 50
Brno5 36 000 CZK included in course price 50
Bratislava5 1 250,00 EUR included in course price 50

Who is the course for

The course is intended for programmers who have basic knowledge of the Java programming language and want to harness powerful libraries that come with Java SE.

What we teach you

  • Graphical user interfaces in Java
  • Event driven programming and JavaBeans
  • Multi-threaded applications and GUI
  • Read and write files
  • Access database from Java using JDBC
  • Read, parse and work with XML
  • Consume existing SOAP Web Services from the internet

Required skills

Basic knowledge of programming in Java, experience with small projects (tens of classes per project or similar)

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Powerpoint handouts.

Course Outline

Graphical user interface Swing and JavaFX

  • Fundamentals of Maven
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Swing and JavaFX
  • Display the window
  • Common Components - Button, Text, Text Box
  • Hierarchy of components
  • Events and their programming
  • Advanced techniques in GUI

Thread startup options, multithreaded programming

  • SwingWorker, starting work in the background
  • Event thread
  • Thread startup, Runnable, Callable, ExecutorService

Functional programming options in Java

  • Introduction to lambda expressions
  • Functional interface and default methods
  • Advanced work with collections using lambda expressions

Working with files, streams

  • Binary Stream (InputStream, OutputStream)
  • Text Stream (Reader, Writer)
  • File Input / Output
  • New options from Java 7+

Access the database using JDBC

  • JDBC interface, JDBC driver
  • Linking to the database
  • Send SQL statements to a database using PreparedStatement, Statement, ResultSet
  • Spring JDBC Template

Usage of JPA (Hibernate framework)

  • Entity, annotation, links between entities
  • EntityManager, JPQL
  • Spring Data JPA
  • Comparison with JDBC

Working with XML and JSON formats

  • XML and JSON formats for data exchange and storage
  • Processing of XML and JSON formats
  • Upload objects from XML using JAXB and JSON

Web Services (SOAP, REST) ??in Spring Framework

  • What is a web service, an introduction to SOAP and REST
  • Generate a client from proxy objects under the WSDL contract
  • Call REST and SOAP
  • Implementing a simple REST API
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