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System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise

Gain familiarity with the ASE by navigating through key features of the ASE environment. Manage physical data placement and storage. Create, backup and restore databases. Configure auto-expansion. Create and Manage multiple temporary databases. Create user accounts and manage permissions. Use Sybase Central to maintain an Enterprise environment. Run diagnostic and repair functions. Reconfigure Adaptive Server dynamically.

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Database Administrators, System Administrators


* Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise (EDB115) or equivalent experience


ASE environment and installation, reconfiguring ASE dynamically, resource allocation, database creation, user permissions and security, transaction management and logging, backup up databases and transaction logs, database recovery and restoration, modifying default Adaptive Server configuration, connectivity issues and best practices.


Learn how to identify the major tasks of Sybase system and database administration and practice these tasks using your own Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) in a safe and controlled environment.
Emphasis is given to resource management (memory, disk, and tempdb space with a goal of creating a reliable Adaptive Server environment.
Examine fundamental monitoring and troubleshooting methods, backup and recovery strategies, job scheduling and user access issues.

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