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PC and Windows – For Beginners

This course is assigned for users with no experience in working with computer. Students will familiarize with PC, basic notions from computer branch and work in Microsoft Windows background. They will assume the principles of work in text editor and work with files.

This course is recommended to prepare for the ECDL certification Price for the course is final, no discounts can be applied
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Who is the course for

This course is assigned for users with no previous use of computer.

What we teach you

Students will familiarize with PC and learn the basic operations in Microsoft Windows 8 background.

Required skills


Teaching methods

Professional lecture with practical demonstrations, practice on computers.

Teaching materials

GOPAS company course handbook, according to the course curriculum.

Course Outline

Introduce to computer system

Elementary terms of personal computers field

  • File, Folder
  • Program
  • Operating system
  • Floppy disk and memory capacity, file size


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • User interface description
  • Desktop objects

Basic skills of working with mouse

  • Dont be afraid of mice!

Fundamentals of controlling Windows

  • Working with windows
  • Working with menu
  • Launching applications
  • Working with multiple applications simultaneously

Main bar and menu START


  • This computer
  • Other computers
  • Recycle Bin

Typing with keyboard

  • Typing basics
  • Switching primary and secondary keyboard
  • Using fonts

Working with files

  • Creating a new document
  • Saving a file
  • Opening a file

Windows Explorer

  • Viewing folders and files
  • Creating a new folder
  • Working with files using mouse
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