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2020: Licensing Rules for Microsoft Products

Windows for desktops, Office, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, System Center family of products, Lync, Visual Studio, MSDN, and other actual products. We'll talk intelligibly how these products can be operated legally in physical, virtual and cloud environments. We will clarify the meaning of Software Assurance and its (generally positive) impact on the rights of use. We will give space the real-life examples and questions from the same area, because it is proven that the vast majority of fatal errors leading to financial and legal liabilities arises from lack of knowledge, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and application of the set rules concerning the use of the software in practice.

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User intensity level

Who is the course for

The course is designed for IT professionals, especially the administrators of computer networks, IT workers responsible for the design of infrastructure, responsible for the software procurement, IT managers, IT consultants, employees of outsourcing companies in the IT field, software sellers, SW product managers.

What we teach you

We will teach you to navigate in the waters of Microsoft products licensing, so that you are always able to trace the necessary information and put these information in appropriate contexts.

Required skills

The content of the course Basic rules of legal coexistence with software licenses, because this course is already designed for advanced participants, who are familiar with those general principles of working with licenses.

Teaching materials

Product Terms (Products’ Conditions) - English version

Course outline

License documents

License assigning

Licenses in a virtual environment

Product Conditions

  • Universal License Terms
  • Applications for Desktop
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Processor / CAL model
  • Server / CAL model
  • Licenses based on the number of cores
  • Management Servers
  • Developer licenses

Online Services

License in VDI

Software Assurance

Choice of Solution

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