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This course presents in detail the use of architectural framework, TOGAF ADM and its methodology in the design and management of Service Oriented Architecture. The first training session is devoted to the explanation of the concept of SOA and its links with TOGAF methodology, the second part is focused on the tools and technologies used to implement SOA architecture. Training includes practical exercises and specific examples of practice focused on key areas and techniques.

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Who is the course for

Enterprise architects and IT
Business analysts and architects
Application developers and integration

What we teach you

  • explain the essence of Service Oriented Architecture and its link to the TOGAF methodology
  • present in detail important aspects of SOA
  • on concrete examples and exercises to learn important techniques used in the implementation of SOA

Required skills

Basic knowledge of TOGAF 9 methodology

Teaching methods

Professional explanation with practical samples and examples.

Teaching materials

Anywhere guide book for this course.

Course outline

Introduction to SOA

  • Enterprise architecture
  • framework TOGAF ADM
  • definition of SOA
  • service
  • exercises

SOA in practice

  • SOA business, technical SOA
  • situation in the world and in the Czech Republic
  • common Errors

TOGAF, Opengroup and SOA

  • Resources - TOGAF, Open Group and others
  • ArchiMate and SOA

TOGAF ADM - Preliminary and SOA

  • SOA principles
  • 2 exercises
  • Assessing the maturity of the company for SOA
  • SOA Governance, Organization, Repository
  • SOA Reference Architecture
  • exercises

TOGAF ADM - Vision and SOA

  • Stakeholders
  • Areas of application SOA

TOGAF ADM - Business architecture and SOA

  • Outputs matrix diagrams
  • The granularity of services
  • exercises

TOGAF ADM - Data, Application, Technology and SOA, Opportunities and solutions and SOA

  • Outputs matrix diagrams
  • logic design of SOA solutions
  • a complex exercise

Integrated data model

  • application, implementation options
  • common mistakes, recommendations for the model
  • case Study

Catalogue of Services

  • application for registration of services and processes
  • lifecycle management services
  • specific examples of use

Enterprise Service Bus

  • application service integration, applications
  • service orchestration
  • kooexistence integration with other solutions
  • specific examples of use


  • design of processes and rules - business and IT
  • structure processes and links between them
  • short and long-term processes
  • specific examples of use


  • A brief introduction of protocols and standards and their links


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