Guarantees of Gopas

garance_logo_ANG_v10-(1).pngThe IT school GOPAS guarantees its customers the maximum possible use of the funds invested in computer education and at the same time maximum efficiency while acquiring new knowledge and skills. How is it possible? GOPAS provides GUARANTEES!

Course date guarantee

Your work schedule will no longer be disrupted by course rescheduling or canceling due to the insufficient number of participants. This guarantee gives our customers the assurance that courses they are signed for, will take place at set dates. The offer uniqueness is based on the number of dates covered by the guarantee.
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Acquired knowledge guarantee

A definite advantage the participants have in our courses is the opportunity to visit the training again completely for free as a part of Guarantee of acquired knowledge. This is available to all those, who took one or our standard open courses, carried out in the premises of the IT school GOPAS. 
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Know-how guarantee

Do you have doubts whether the funds invested in the training of your IT specialists will remain in your company? Do you watch your competitors with concerns that they can at anytime lure your trained employees into their companies? Our IT School will free you of you “head hunters” fear. We can’t stop the brain drain, but we guarantee that if this inconvenience happens to you, we will train your new IT specialists for free. Our guarantee gives employers the confidence that their IT department will maintain a stable level of computer know-how, regardless the personnel changes within the workplace. 
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