Course date guarantee

garance_logo_ANG_v10.pngThe IT school GOPAS was the first in the Czech Republic to come up with the unique offer in the form Course date guarantee. We guarantee our customers that all courses marked on our website as guaranteed will take place at set times. So it won’t happen that a course would be canceled due to a low number of participants. On the contrary! It will take place even if there is only one participant. The guarantee applies to most of the dates of our standard open courses. You can recognize the guaranteed dates on our website by the g3-32x32.png icon placed next to a concerned date.

Conditions of Course date guarantee

The IT school GOPAS reserves the right to not accept an order concerned a guaranteed date if it is delivered in a period of less than 7 working days before the course start in case there has been no other accepted order. In this case, it is not logistically possible to meet the date and realize the course.

The training center also reserves the right to move the course date for reasons beyond his control (eg. Force majeure, power failure, sudden illness of a lecturer). In this case we will find a new date for the already signed-in customers or find another way of course recompense.