Know-how guarantee

garance_logo_ANG_v10.pngImagine a situation that you have invested CZK 100,000 in training of your network administrator. Half a year after he is lured by a competing company’s offer and he terminates his employment in your company. In this case you have spent 100,000 CZK completely uselessly. But only in the case your administrator did not take his trainings in the IT school GOPAS. It can in fact train the newly recruited administrator completely for free, and to the same extent and in the same courses as your former employee took. It's simple - once you invest the money into the education it will remain in your company, even after a personnel earthquake.

How to use the know-how guarantee?

•  The know-how guarantee can be applied to all the standard open courses for IT specialists realized in the internal premises of the IT school GOPAS.
•  If your Gopas trained IT specialist abruptly terminates the employment relationship, you just deliver us his notice of employment termination along with certificates from courses he took in Gopas during the last 12 months.
•  Our customer service will offer you some possible dates of these courses and then we will train your new colleague.
•  A participant applying this guarantee will not get a free lunch voucher and a workbook (he gets these from the previous participant). If the chosen date is filled up by participants, who take the course for the first time and do not apply this guarantee, we will inform you and offer you another date.