Microsoft retires SATV program. Redeem your vouchers now!

Software Assucance Training Vouchers (SATV) give you opportunity to attend technical Microsoft courses for free. You can find the number of vouchers which are available for you at Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). One learner can redeem as many vouchers as he can.

1 July 2021: Voucher activation deadline.
1 January 2022: Voucher redemption deadline.


After the activation, you will have 180 days to redeem one or more courses you choose. That means, that you can redeem your vouchers until the end of this year.

You can redeem SATV for the official course of company  (MOC).That includes for example M365, Azure and more. These courses can be found only at the certified partners of Microsoft, including GOPAS SR.


It is the right time to redeem SATV!

How to redeem?

1. Check, if your Microsoft licence contains Software Assurance Training Vouchers.
2. Find out, which course is right for you.
3. Contact us at We can choose together!

IT learning centre GOPAS is the official MICROSOFT GOLD Learning Partner.
That means the highest level of cooperation with company Microsoft in learning. Full methodical and information support since 2002.

We also achieved Microsoft’s Partner of the Year.

We provide IT courses for more than 25 years and our portfolio contains around 2200 professional courses. Our lectors are experts with long-term experiences, which they share with you and they are glad to help you make your work better. You can attend our courses in Online Live form, in Slovak or English language.