Welcome to GOPAS IT training center

The GOPAS IT training center is the largest information technology training provider on the Czech and Slovak markets. Despite operating on a quite small market, GOPAS is one of the major IT training providers in Europe. Its technical courses are annually attended by almost 30,000 students, mostly IT specialists. GOPAS has 3 branches (Prague, Brno - Czech Republic and Bratislava - Slovakia) with 41 computer classrooms on its own premises and 4 mobile learning labs.

Most of GOPAS IT training center's courses are held in Czech or Slovak languages. In a lot of areas, GOPAS offer trainings in English, too. These courses mainly include Microsoft Office, IT Security Courses, Microsoft Windows XP/2003/2008, Server System, Programming, Databases, etc.



Regarding to resumption of testing and certifications, necessary health protection measures have been taken. 

Operation of branches under the crisis measure

Due to the declaration of the state of emergency by the Government of the Czech Republic, we are forced to move our courses to the online platform and close the Prague branch of our Gopas school.
We will continue to train the maximum amount courses and in the coming days we will list new dates for online courses.

Gopas Telepresence Training (GTT)

This education system has been conceived by our lecturers based on their ample experience in the field and developed in cooperation with the leading suppliers of telepresence technology.

Current courses in English!

Come and educate with us in a foreign language. The demand for courses in English language continues to rise, and we want to you and your foreign colleagues prepared a selection of current courses in English, which take place in Prague.

Guarantees, which provides only GOPAS

Do you know and do you use the GOPAS guarantees? Do you hesitate to answer? You've never heard about services guarantees we provide? Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services and guarantees, which our customers can use, are perceived by those who use them as a great benefit.